My Why – Co-Founder Rob

Here Hairy Vegans co-founder, Rob, tell us why he became a vegan.

When people find out you’re a vegan there are three questions that come up.

1. Why did you become a vegan?
2. When did you become a vegan
3. What do you eat?

So lets answer those.

Sam, the other Hairy Vegan, had been a vegan for a while and never once pressured me into it but did suggest I go vegan from time to time, backing up her argument with the cruelty to animals that’s seen in the food production industry. She’d only make these suggestions when the subject of food came up and only then if it was appropriate. She wasn’t, as I hope I’m a not, a preachy vegan.

I’m a big believer in “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!” That doesn’t mean you have go around trying everything, it just means you can’t really moan about something if you’ve not tried. One of the things I kept saying when it came to being a vegan was “I can’t do it I’d miss bacon!” I’d also include cheese, steak, butter and more much in that list. But the question became how could I know I’d miss those things if I’d never tried to go without them?

I decided to give it a go. October 2021 would be my transition month. I’d find substitute foods, I’d make vegan choices and cook vegan meals. BUT, if my husband cooked a non-vegan dinner I’d still eat it. On November 1st I’d go full on vegan. Come December 1st if I hadn’t really missed anything I’d still with it.

Three weeks into October and I’d decided that was it, I was vegan. I was loving the challenge of finding new things to eat and new substitutes and, being honest, I was loving the fact nothing I was eating was impacting the life of an animal.

So that’s my why. That’s literally it. Five months later I’m still happy and it’s lead this site and a world of new tastes for me.

Well that’s answer above but in case you skipped it was round about October 21st 2021

What do you eat?
Lots of things! It’s not all vegetable and beans and pulses! There’s so much plant based food out now but even without those there’s still so much choice. Butternut Squash risotto, Mushroom carbonara and cauliflower and potato curry are some of my favourites. The options are vast! I’m not telling you to become a vegan as I’ve promised myself and my husband I won’t become a preachy vegan but try it for a week. Not so you can become one but so you’ll see just how varied the foods are and what replacements there are.

So with those three questions answers I’ll leave you with one comment. There is a joke that goes round that goes “How do you know if someone is a vegan?” and the answer is “They’ll tell you.” Well for a start it’s not a very funny joke but it’s of a genre where it’s meant to belittle someone. But, we have to tell people because if we don’t we end up getting non-vegan foods that we can’t and won’t eat! People roll their eyes when they invite me for dinner and I tell them I’m vegan and say “Well I don’t what I’m going to do for you!” You haven’t even tried looking or thinking about it. I promise it’s easier than you think! The biggest food problem I have for you isn’t me being vegan, it’s me being allergic to tomatoes and citrus fruit! Good luck!

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